Working in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

We can wax lyrical about how great Oxford Chemistry is, but don’t take our word for it! These are a few of the comments in our annual surveys.

Staff Survey 2017

When asked what people liked about the Department:

"I work in a team who are supportive of each other and work very well on a day to day basis"

"Very good NMR and Mass Spec staff and facilities. Good exposure to high quality research and visiting speaker seminars. Well funded. Modern, well-equipped laboratories"

"The research which is being conducted here by many of the groups across MPLS is pretty exciting. The people (academic and support staff) are great, the facilities, the building, the general environment are all good. I work part-time and I feel very supported in this."

"I come from a research powerhouse in the United States, and the Department of Chemistry excels in the amount of support staff (stores, building, workshop, electronics) available to researchers."

"My research group is open, supportive and friendly."

"Good people to work with, friendly."

"Good colleagues, good head of section"

"World class research, very friendly and supportive colleagues"

"Intelligent, motivated researchers. Exciting science. Supportive staff."

"Working with a principle investigator who is top of his field and who is willing to pass on his knowledge to both students and post docs in his lab and who is enthusiastic about chemistry and science in general. Also the people in my group come from diverse areas of science and this ensures that I am always learning new things."

Staff Survey 2016

When asked what people liked about the Department:

"The creative environment and access to high quality equipment and researchers."

"The breadth of science I get to work on and the wonderful researchers I get to work with."

"It is a friendly and fair environment to work in.  I have never experienced of any kind of discrimination or intimidation either for myself or others."

"Excellent facilities in terms of equipment and high calibre of people."

"The people are mostly very positive and trying to do good things for the Department and the University."

"Building science stuff, helping people and interacting with the researchers. A jolly good bunch!"

"Friendly and welcoming atmosphere among employees."

"Hard working people. Top class research. Opportunity to have an impact."

"It is an exciting and positive place to work. People enjoy coming to work and interact in a friendly and open way."

"The people! And the breadth of world-class research."

Staff Survey 2015

“It is an ambitious, world leading, responsive, lively, enabling, environment.”

“Generally I feel we work … in a thriving and dynamic centre of research. There is a polite and friendly atmosphere in the department at all levels.”

“Facilities are great and services (NMR, mass spec) are the best.”

“There is a great sense of belonging and freedom, which helps in motivating and giving you the tools needed to produce work at a good standard.”

“The internal communication is very strong and aids in the cohesiveness of the (large) department.”

“Excellent supervisors, good working environment.”

“The work environment is quite good, and I like the flexibility the job offers especially when you have to balance work and family life(children etc.).”

“The people I work with make it a very caring, and considerate, community.”

“Having worked in several different departments I can say with experience that the Department of Chemistry treats its employees exceptionally well. There is no discrimination on any grounds and any problems are addressed quickly and efficiently.”