Working in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Chemistry research contributes significantly to environmental issues, including sustainable energy, food production, reduction in pollution etc.. For further information on our research,  please go to

The Department also ensures that it is managed as environmentally friendly as possible and supports the NUS Green Impact initiative. We are aiming to reduce our waste though reduced use of water and energy, recycling as much as possible, and minimising the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the Department of Chemistry.

Department activity is reviewed by the Department Green Impact group of staff and students meeting regularly to review and improve its environmental impact. We ask all employees and students to be mindful of their environmental impact from attendance at interviews via travel versus Skype, throughout employment or study with us.

We are a proud holder of the NUS Green Impact Gold Departmental Award, the first in the University of Oxford. We are also holders of a Silver Green Impact Laboratories Award and our work on improving the environmental impact of Oxford Chemistry continues.

The University promotes and offers cost effective public transport, reducing its carbon footprint. This includes:
  • Bus Pass
  • Train Pass
  • Season Ticket Loan – the University provides loans for the purchase of both bus and train passes which will help to reduce the cost of your travel to work
  • Car Sharing Scheme
  • Bicycle Loan Scheme – you can purchase a new bicycle with the help of a loan
  • Bicycle sharing
  • easitOxford
  • Park and Ride Parking Permit scheme
  • Science Transit Shuttle

For further information on the above, please go to